Superior in Training. Excellence in Practice.

Certifications for Full-Spectrum Doulas in womb-to-two care with hands-on clinical experience. 

AlloTribe Training Academy is a doula training organization based in Denver, Colorado, offering comprehensive doula training and certification courses. AlloTribe Training Academy also provides continuing education and professional development courses for birth and postpartum professionals. AlloTribe Training Academy was established in 2018 by AlloTribe founders Sarah Lind and Sarah Dominguez, with the help of Heather Johnson, BSN.

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Why Choose AlloTribe Training Academy?

Trainings built upon evidence based information

Hands-on, skills based training

Business standards and ethics in every course

Experienced Instructors who are actively working in the field

An ongoing community of support after training

A high standard of professionalism

All courses are built from an academic model of excellence

All doula trainings are full-spectrum

Continuing professional development


Allotribe Academy is the most comprehensive training a person can get for becoming a doula!  I looked at all the programs and noticed only AlloTribe offered birth and postpartum clinical work prior to obtaining a certification. I was able to dive right into the work with confidence. I also loved that it was close to home even though they adapted well during the pandemic. I am hoping they will stretch their wings and offer online options for CE classes as well as in depth doula training. I also want to mention that each team member has your success at heart. “The Sarahs” strive to make this a team/family atmosphere where everyone supports everyone. I’ve never worked anywhere where someone has had that “if you don’t succeed, I dont succeed attitude”.  Women (and men) lifting each other up is beautiful and this Academy knows how to do it right. Bottom line is, these women and their company are amazing!

Cari Walters

CPD Doula

The professional doula training has prepared me for a career as both a birth and postpartum doula. It is evident that so much care and preparation has been taken by the instructors to design a course that is thought provoking and informative.  This program has given me the confidence to excel in the doula field and I would recommend it to anyone starting out as a doula or looking to further their professional development.

Mary Kendig

CPD Doula

Our Mission

To provide mentorship, education, and development to the doula community and elevate the work to a recognized profession.

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