Get to Know AlloTribe Training Academy

Elevating the doula profession

The AlloTribe Training Academy Story

After experiencing numerous training and certification programs in the doula space, Sarah Lind and Sarah Dominguez realized each program had different but comprehensive knowledge and skills gaps. 

Their personal experience coupled with their work with new doulas looking for mentorship and additional training, led them to create a new full-spectrum introductory doula training.  Together with Heather Johnson who provided the clinical expertise and oversight, they developed an introductory 2-day program covering birth and postpartum care.  While the two day training met the industry norm, and feedback from this training was favorable, Sarah, Sarah, and Heather identified a need for a more comprehensive training and development of a standard.  It  was time to build a more in-depth and full-spectrum alternative that would encompass development of necessary skill sets, personal and professional growth, and a deeper understanding of providing support for families in many different settings, 

Thus, the 200-hour Certified Professional Doula™ Program was born. This training, unlike others available, addresses topics from pregnancy to birth, to postpartum and newborn care, and also includes support for fertility, adoption, abortion, end-of-life, perinatal loss, PMADs, trauma, and child development. This training is the first of its kind to provide in-hospital clinical experience, and an extensive module on business foundations and professionalism. 

AlloTribe Training Academy also offers ongoing education to help doulas stay current with care standards. 

AlloTribe Training Academy exists to provide:


comprehensive, professional training


continuing education classes


other professional development courses for doulas and family care providers

The Academy is built around the core pillars of:


Elevating the profession of doulas


Commitment to a high standard of excellence in practice


Continuing education


Building strong community

The AlloTribe Training Academy Difference

The AlloTribe Training Academy difference begins with a commitment to professional excellence and comprehensive training.  Allotribe exists to elevate the profession of doula in order to support practicing doulas  in their journey now, and to provide for the future generations of doulas and families. 

ATA offers two levels of doula training:  a basic two day course and an extensive 200+hour Certified Professional Doula (CPD) program.

The basic doula training course provides an introduction into doula work.  It builds a strong foundation of skills and can be used for immediate job placement.  

The 200+ hour Certified Professional Doula (CPD) program also builds a strong foundation of skills and knowledge, but includes in-depth skills training, hands-on experience and preparation for business ownership and immediate job placement.  Our CPD program is truly full spectrum–covering topics from family planning to end of life doula support.  We are proud to be the first doula training program to offer clinical experience in partnership with local hospitals. 

Our training content is updated yearly and is evidence based.  ATA ensures doulas stay current in knowledge and practice by requiring certification renewal every three years.

Our Academy instructors are required to complete over 400 hours of training and additional field experience before instructing a class. Their skills training, classroom management, ability to create culture, and commitment to the most current evidence based information sets them apart.  

AlloTribe Training Academy is dedicated to continuous support and mentorship to all trained and practicing doulas.  We offer an online forum, peer review, resource sharing platform, and continuing education seminars and courses including business development and advanced practices and skills.

AlloTribe Academy adheres to ISO standard 17024 to ensure program validity, continuity and quality assurance.  This commitment to a third party standard is unique among doula certification programs and makes us exceptional.


To provide mentorship, education, and development to the doula community and elevate the work to a recognized profession


AlloTribe Training Academy will be the leading doula training organization setting the standard for training and professionalism through national accreditation.

AlloTribe is also committed to developing and maintaining high-quality, evidence based training and development to certify professional doulas. 

Meet the AlloTribe Training Academy Founders


Founder / Training Academy Director

Sarah Lind is a Labor & Postpartum Doula with 12 years of experience in the birth space. She loves to share knowledge and her experiences and has a knack for leading students to their light bulb moments. Sarah’s passion for teaching shines in every course and each student will feel the warmth and natural mentorship that Sarah offers. Sarah is hardworking, always has a can-do attitude, and has an attitude for learning, welcoming all people to the table. Outside of work you can find Sarah cultivating her garden and making her herbal concoctions. She values spending time with her family and community building and nurturing deep connections. Sarah has a strong work ethic and values professionalism, community, honesty and transparency.  She is passionate about creating an industry standard for the profession of doulas. Her mission is to make the AlloTribe Training Academy Certified Professional Doula training an industry standard while creating a safe place that is open to all for the long term success of the doula profession. 



Sarah Dominguez is a Labor & Postpartum Doula with 19 years of experience in the birth space. She loves teaching about newborn care and development, the early stages of family bonding, feeding, and the immediate postpartum period. Watching students understand the importance of the first 12-16 weeks of family life, and understanding that these little folks are people too, and they deserve honor and respect is priceless. Sarah is tenacious, full of life, ready to support and help people follow their dreams.  Outside of work, Sarah can be found starting her day with a warm mug of tea. Tea, devotion, and spiritual practice help her to stay grounded and present. Family, both natural and chosen, is the core of Sarah’s life, whether it’s sharing a meal or connecting over the phone. On Sundays, you can find Sarah on the platform of her father’s Pentecostal church leading worship with her family. Her mission is to make AlloTribe Agency a household name with the highest standards of care and to support and educate doulas to achieve a high professional standard.


Founder / Clinical Director

Heather Johnson loves teaching childbirth education, Mommy Bootcamp Classes, newborn care, and breastfeeding. She loves nothing more than watching people gain confidence as they prepare for the birth of their baby. Her passion lies in educating doulas to support and care for families from womb-to-two. Heather has been a doula for 15 years and a Registered Nurse for 4 years, active on the Labor & Delivery floor since 2018. She has also been a certified childbirth educator since 2010 and a certified Mommy Bootcamp instructor since 2015. She can often be found educating through stories, humor, and her deep well of knowledge. Outside of work, Heather enjoys  gardening and taking her kids paddleboarding and hiking. In the post-pandemic world, Heather looks forward to hosting dinner parties and continuing to build deep connections with her community. 



Terri’s love of education and teaching others has been a common thread throughout her life. She has instructed all ages from early childhood through returning adult university students. She loves to read and write, both for pleasure and as a part of her instructional design consulting business. She also likes to watercolor, craft and sew, but her favorite activity is spending time with her husband and adult children, especially when it involves four-wheeling in Colorado’s beautiful mountains. Terri’s extensive and varied background in education and a Master’s degree in curriculum development made her a great fit for AlloTribe Training Academy’s mission to provide an avenue for professional, full spectrum doula training. AlloTribe Training Academy partnered with her to produce the CPD training program. She now serves as AlloTribe Training Academy’s Program Director. She loves working within the doula community and finding ways to increase training opportunities for those desiring to build their knowledge and skills. 

ANSI / Accreditation

AlloTribe Training Academy recognizes the importance of having a standard and defined regulation in the doula profession and is in the process of becoming the first nationally accredited (third-party accreditation) doula training organization. AlloTribe Training Academy is undergoing the accreditation process at the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB). The preliminary application has been accepted by ANSI under the ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation.