Training Opportunities

AlloTribe Training Academy offers 2 pathways to becoming a doula. Choose the program that is right for you. 


The Certified Professional Doula™ training program is a 200+ hour doula training program that will prepare the student to begin work as a professional doula upon completion of the program. The program will be a true full spectrum training with topics that include the physical stages and emotional implications for pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period; appropriate support measures for each of those stages; infant development, nutrition and feeding guidelines; appropriate medical protocols; family and sibling support; sleep support; providing support through abortion, miscarriage and stillbirth; running a doula business, and much more.  AlloTribe values a high standard and commitment to professionalism and will emphasize these foundations throughout the program. 


The AlloTribe Training Academy Basic Full-Spectrum Doula Training, was created to educate and certify doulas in both birth and postpartum care from womb-to-two. Students will spend 2 full days, a comprehensive 20 hours, learning from experts in the industry and veteran doulas currently working in the field. This training was created with the intention of hands-on interactive learning, and sharing knowledge and experience as well as evidence based practices and facts. 

Additionally, this program was developed with the understanding of the Colorado birth and postpartum culture in mind, including current hospital/birth center policies and practices. The end-to-end training adheres to a professional high standard and focuses on elevating the industry by supporting the professional practice of doulas.

This training is meant to be an introductory, foundational 2-day training program to educate new doulas and help them start their professional careers successfully.